Oxcart Parade
Festival Nacional de la Mejorana

Guararé, Republic of Panamá

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Yusmaira 1a, 2001
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The idea of a parade of oxcarts decorated with folkloric motifs originated in Guarare. Each year the Organizing Committee asks all oxcart owners to lend their oxcarts, their oxen, and their services so that the parade can be a complete success. In addition to the oxcarts for the queen and princess, there are oxcarts which are decorated by social organizations from the town and by governmental and commercial organizations. Each oxcart is followed by a "tuna", which is a group of people where a lady sings verses (the "cantalante") and others in the group answer with a chorus line. They are accompanied by the traditional Panamanian drums: the repicador, the pujador, and the caja. The oxcart parade, which traverses the main streets in the small town, takes place on Sunday, and it is one of the most important events in the festival.

Yusmaira 1a, during the oxcart parade.

Arrangement of the oxcart for Yusmaira 1a, 2001 Festival Queen.
The motifs are a cock fight, two pollera sections, a gold medallion, and two mejoraneras.
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